Building Momentum with Danny Bauer Transformative Principal 535

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Danny Bauer is a 
  • Principal Development & Retention Expert
  • Best Selling Author
  • And Host of Two of the World’s Most Downloaded Podcasts
  • As the Chief Ruckus Maker, he founded Better Leaders Better Schools in 2015.
In this episode, we talk about his new book and other various and random things. 
  • Why an experimental mindset is so important.
  • Deliver a result in as few words as possible
  • Build Leadership Momentum
  • Gift yourself a 3-hour deep work block
  • Perfect principal entry plan
  • John Unger - after I started this all the stress was gone.
  • Should veteran school leaders still pick up this book?
  • How to get out of your own head?
  • Imagine worst-case scenarios.
  • I’ve already imagined worse than this.
  • What would it take for you to hold this with an open hand?
  • Outcomes are never in your control, inputs are.
  • 5 categories within the framework - start with the individual school leader, ruckus maker mindset tool.
  • Everything else builds on top of each other and leads to
  • Significant and legacy work is not found in operations.
  • The mark you leave on a campus is found on the other parts besides
  • Breaking up the entry plan to focus on significant time periods.
  • Each campus is different and has unique needs.
  • Take action
  • How to turn off the noise.
  • Get the book here:
  • Bonuses:
Building Momentum with Danny Bauer Transformative Principal 535