Errorless Learning with Dr. Paul Gavoni Transformative Principal 544 #SummerofAI

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This episode is part of the Summer of AI Series, brought to you by SchoolAI, Scrible, and FocalPointK12.

Dr. Paul Govani, an expert in human performance and coaching, emphasizes the importance of errorless learning and the role of AI in education. He believes that teachers need more practice and feedback to be effective, and that regular feedback for students is crucial for learning. Dr. Govani also discusses the need for tight feedback loops and the use of simulations to prepare teachers.
  • Errorless learning
  • Making sure that students don’t make mistakes
  • Gradual release
  • AI can play a huge part in improving education
  • The human element cannot be removed from education.
  • Learning happens from the environment.
  • Replace learning
  • Gives teachers a different role.
  • Education holds the key to success
  • We’re not doing a very good job educating our educators.
  • Too much theory, too little modeling, too little feedback.
  • Simulations hold the key to getting teachers ready to do the work of being a teacher.
  • Practice vs. game time.
  • Leaders get even less practice.
  • Got to equip people with knowledge and skills in the teacher program
  • If you start blaming people, you aren’t doing science
  • You can’t learn on the job.
  • Prepare them to a certain level and then support them.
  • Teachers are being dropped into the classroom before they are actually ready.
  • 2 parts of the assessment.
  • Kids need regular feedback - positive and corrective
  • Delay in that feedback delays learning.
  • Have teachers enhance learning through their activities.
  • Admin has management ratios that are too high.
  • Frequency count of skills
  • People need tight feedback loops.
  • Why measuring opportunities to respond works behaviorally.
  • Pick one or two structures a week.
  • Discretionary effort
  • How to give tight feedback loops
  • Preplanned corrections
  • Social validity - how do people feel?
  • Survey data that’s not going back to the leader, but going back to the coach. Give them the why.
  • The 5 Laws
  • What kind of questions should we be asking?
  • Are we moving in the right direction, being supported? Look for leading indicators.
  • Connect with Paulie here.
  • Professional Crisis Management
About Paul Govani

An expert in human performance, coaching, and organizational leadership, Dr. Paul “Paulie” Gavoni has worked in education and human services for 20 years.

He has served in a variety of positions including COO, Leadership Director, Assistant Principal, School Turnaround Manager, Clinical Coordinator, Therapist, Behavior Analyst, and Adjunct Professor at IRSC, FAU, and NSU.  Beyond his direct work with students in poverty and those suffering from behavioral and mental health issues, Dr. Gavoni specializes in providing administrative teams, teachers, and staff with training, coaching, and consultation with analyzing and developing behavior and performance management systems to positively impact key performance indicators. As a behavior scientist, Dr. Gavoni is passionate about applying organizational behavior management (OBM) strategies to establish positive environments that engage and bring out the best in people so they can bring out the best in the children they serve.

Former fighter and golden gloves heavy-weight coaching. He uses the science of human behavior to train fighters. He’s also a wall street journal and new york times best selling author

Dr. Paul “Paulie” Gavoni is a behavior scientist specializing in human performance, coaching, and organizational leadership who has worked across education, human services, and sports for over two decades. In this capacity, he served the needs of children and adults in various positions including COO, Vice President, Director of School Improvement, Leadership Director, Professor, Assistant Principal, School Turnaround Manager, Clinical Coordinator, Lead Therapist, Trainer, Coach, and Behavior Analyst. Dr. Gavoni is passionate about applying Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) strategies to lead and help other leaders establish positive and engaging environments across industries that bring out the best in people. He is a Board Member of the Opioid Awareness Foundation and The World Behavior Analysis Day Alliance. Known for his authenticity and practical approaches, Dr. Gavoni hosts the Thoughts & Rants of a Behavior Scientist and the Crisis in Education Podcasts. He is also a sought-out speaker at a variety of Educational, Sports, and Behavior Analytic Conferences and co-author of Wall Street Journal and USA Today’s Best-Selling The 5 Scientific Laws of Life & Leadership: Behavioral Karma; Quick Wins! Accelerating School Transformation through Science, Engagement, and Leadership; Deliberate Coaching: A Toolbox for Accelerating Teacher Performance (#1 Amazon Best Seller); MMA Science: A Training, Coaching, & Belt Ranking Guide (#1 Amazon New Release), and QUICK Responses to Misbehavior for Reducing Misbehavior and Suspensions (#1 Amazon Best Seller). In addition, he is currently preparing How to Determine if Your Leadership is $hitty. Dr. Gavoni is proud to introduce ABA & OBM to a massive audience through his numerous publications. Beyond his work in education and human services, Dr. Gavoni is a former Golden Gloves Champion and highly respected striking coach in combat sports. Coach “Paulie Gloves,” as he is known in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community, has trained world champions and UFC vets using technologies rooted in the behavioral sciences. Coach Paulie has been featured in the books Beast: Blood, Struggle, and Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts, A Fighter’s Way, the feature article Ring to Cage: How four former boxers help mold MMA’s Finest, FX’s The Toughman, and was recently featured in the Lifetime reality series Leave it to Geege. He is also an author who has written extensively for online magazines such as Bloody Elbow, Scifighting, Last Word on Sports, and Bloody Elbow, where his Fight Science series continues to bring behavioral science to MMA.

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Errorless Learning with Dr. Paul Gavoni Transformative Principal 544 #SummerofAI