Creating Learning Experiences with AI with Caleb Hicks Transformative Principal 545 #SummerofAI

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This episode is part of the Summer of AI Series, brought to you by SchoolAI, Scrible, and FocalPointK12.

In this podcast episode with Caleb Hicks, the focus is on creating learning experiences with AI. The discussion revolves around empowering teachers to move beyond traditional methods and become designers of engaging environments for students. The use of AI-powered apps and FERPA-compliant chat platforms are highlighted as tools to enhance student experiences. The concept of “spaces” is introduced, allowing teachers to create personalized learning adventures for their students. The episode also touches on the benefits of using AI for tasks like SAT prep and streamlining administrative duties for teachers. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of prioritizing meaningful connections with students and designing environments that foster engaging learning experiences.
  • How do you make decisions around this for what you create for teachers?
  • School and education is a human-first endeavor
  • Talking about career exploration.
  • Magnifying the work that teachers do.
  • Teacher busy-work vs. meaningful work.
  • Frictionless first draft
  • Teachers are stuck in this traditional overloaded position.
  • Allowing teachers to move into the role of designer.
  • 2 things that should take priority for teachers: connection with students and anything that is designing the environment to help students create meaningful learning experiences.
  • Getting your classroom to be engaging is no easy feat.
  • There are steps on the journey to be engaging.
  • Lecture/worksheet/canvas quiz process.
  • Spaces - AI powered apps for student learning experiences.
  • FERPA-compliant chat for teachers
  • How can we move beyond the quiz or worksheet to feel what it is like to make decisions as a colonial soldier?
  • Space is like Choosing your own adventure for different scenarios.
  • Template, Spanish cafe.
  • Every student gets their own personal experience in the spaces.
  • SAT Prep tutors
  • Bellringer check in and exit ticket - pulse checks.
  • Response from early users of SchoolAI.
  • First question: how can we have a FERPA-compliant chatGPT experience?
  • Next: action buttons - write a newsletter, prepare a lesson plan, etc. Making it so teachers didn’t have to be prompt engineers.
  • Spaces - choose your own adventure - all teachers can create their own spaces.
About Caleb Hicks

Caleb Hicks is an experienced educator, founder, and angel investor, boasting over 15 years of expertise in instructional design, learning experience design, educational leadership, and early-stage startups.

Presently, Caleb leads SchoolAI, a venture dedicated to developing AI-powered tools tailored for teachers and school administrators, aimed at transforming educational institutions into extraordinary environments. 

Alongside his commitment to SchoolAI, Caleb is the esteemed founder of Factor, a non-profit organization that empowers students to explore various careers and lifestyles by facilitating their collaboration with professionals from renowned companies such as Apple, SpaceX, and the San Antonio Spurs. Caleb continues to provide ongoing support to Factor, nurturing its mission.

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Creating Learning Experiences with AI with Caleb Hicks Transformative Principal 545 #SummerofAI