Be More Colorful’s Yass Prize Journey with CareerViewXR Entrepreneurship with Matthew Chaussee

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Matt Chaussee is the CEO of Be More Colorful, a Midwest-based immersive media production studio whose platform, CareerViewXR, is rapidly gaining national attention. Matt, along with his wife (and company owner) Katie, lead an innovative team of creatives who are laser focused on making career exploration affordable, accessible, and fun! CareerViewXR provides students and adult career seekers across the country with an unprecedented opportunity to experience real-world careers through virtual reality technology. Recently selected from a field of over 2,000 applicants to be one of 33 Semifinalists for the prestigious Yass Prize, Matt will discuss the significance of the award, and how he sees tools like CareerViewXR transforming how we guide students on their educational journey.

Please add questions that we would ask here, and you can add anything that you would like to add as well. 
  • STOP Principles of the Yass Prize
  • Help us connect with students in new and different ways. 
  • How do we use tried and true strategies to help us change things
  • True transformation is going beyond the books. 
  • How do we all learn best? 
  • Transformation is change with a purpose. 
  • Yass Prize celebrates innovation in education, with over 2000 applicants
  • Career Exploration - CareerViewXR - How do we challenge others to become better? 
  • Vote in the Yass Prize
  • Other companies as the 32 semi-finalists: are ASU Preparatory Global, Burbella Learning Academy, CompSci High, Create Conservatory, Indi ED, Sora Schools, Verdi EcoSchool, and VictoryXR.
  • CareerViewXR - Our focus is really on taking that tried and true real job experience to help kids have real-life experiences - immersive media, showing what that real work is like. Virtual reality and virtual tours. 
  • Bricklayer’s experience - I wanna try that bricklayer’s experience in 4th grade. 
  • Most of the time an adult’s pathways really never gave them an opportunity on which pathway they could choose. 
  • There are so many careers out there. 
  • It doesn’t have to be interesting or exciting, it has to be authentic to someone at the right time. 
  • Helping kids see the excitement of what jobs could be.

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