The Power of PQ Practice with Taylor Davis Transformative Principal 576

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We also talk about Jethro's six week coaching program that is incredibly powerful. Taylor shares her 1-session experience that made her want to go all in for the six week program. If you want a free coaching session like that for yourself, schedule a time here.

  • Want to do more to level up and help people
  • The saboteur conversation really spoke to me. 
  • Identifying what path I do want to go down. 
  • Power of the free coaching call. 
  • The free coaching session kept Taylor from admiring the problem, and being able to focus on a solution.
  • Getting deeper into the root cause of the problem of practice
  • How the program helps her find success in current busy times.
  • It’s OK to take 2 minutes to take a breather during the day. 
  • Heavy, tense training, and now she knows how to do manage it a little better. 
  • You don’t have to be isolated or alone doing this work. 
  • We should be doing this when things are hard. 
  • How this program helps with the really difficult things that are happening in Taylor’s personal life. 
  • This is about personal and professional development. 
  • Education is about working with humans, so we can’t forget about the human aspect. 
  • The challenge of working as the admin in the building with her son in the building. 

About Taylor Davis
After completing college, Taylor Davis embarked on a professional journey as an account executive in marketing/sales. However, a realization struck – inspired by the wisdom of her father, a dedicated teacher and administrator – that a true passion lay in working with children. This revelation led Taylor back to school to pursue a Master’s degree and transition into a fulfilling career as an educator.

The initial teaching years were spent in Georgia, where she dedicated three years to shaping young minds. Subsequently, a return to the home state of Washington extended her teaching career for an additional six years. During this time, the desire to make a broader impact on a larger scale ignited, prompting Taylor, with the support of her father, to pursue administrative credentials. This decision culminated in a role as an elementary Associate Principal in the Lake Washington School District, where she has dedicated the last nine years.

Throughout this period, Taylor encountered the challenges and triumphs of education, navigating a pandemic alongside a myriad of high-needs situations within the school environment. These challenges included addressing behavioral concerns, trauma, and supporting low-income students and families. Taylor found herself in a leadership role twice within seven years, unexpectedly managing the responsibilities of the school due to principals being placed on administrative leave.

Beyond the professional challenges, Taylor faced personal struggles, coping with an abusive relationship while being a new mom. The difficulty of concealing this trauma within the school context, where the same authorities were involved, led Taylor to prioritize professional needs until it became untenable. The onset of the pandemic coincided with a high-conflict divorce from a narcissistic partner, extending over four years. Despite these personal challenges, Taylor remained a committed principal and a full-time single mom to a kindergartner in the school.

This unique blend of professional and personal experiences has given Taylor a distinctive perspective, particularly in understanding the complexities that families and students face, especially those dealing with trauma or poverty. Having emerged on the other side of personal trauma, Taylor is now poised to channel her healing journey into helping others. With an eagerness to utilize her voice for a greater purpose, Taylor is exploring avenues to contribute meaningfully, driven by a sense that there is more she can do to make a positive impact.

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