Change your Mind, Change your Approach with Samantha Opperman Transformative Principal 577

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In this episode, we talk about self-identifying the challenges we face and asking for help when we need it. We also talk about Jethro's six-week coaching program which is incredibly powerful. Sam shares the 1-session experience that made her want to do the six weeks. If you want a free coaching session like that for yourself, schedule a time here.

  • Why Sam was interested in Coaching with Jethro
  • Identity tied up in a certain position in a school.
  • Struggles: ability to relate to other people following a difficult day. 
  • Felt alone as a middle school principal
  • Difficult days are especially challenging
  • People don’t bring positives to you, they bring problems to you. 
  • Don’t have the same opportunities to get support and positive feedback from others. 
  • The negative stands out more than the positive. 
  • People asking “Are you ok?”
  • People were willing to say, “Yes, let’s talk” but she also needed someone outside to say
  • The advantage of having a neutral party. 
  • Spinning tires on a problem, look at the problem from a human side of it. 
  • The outcome was the same, but how she approached it was so much different. 
  • Teacher not meeting my expectations - needed to see this person as a human being who was also frustrated and annoyed. 
  • How can I help you? What do you need?
  • The feedback I’m getting from those being led: more positive things to say, people noticing it. 
  • Appreciate how my demeanor has changed in the past few days.
  • Internalized a lot of how people perceive me and my school. 
  • Just because I was an effective teacher doesn’t mean my way was the best way for this group at this school. 
  • How to be a transformative principal? Having a winning mentality that you’re going to win every day, regardless. Allow yourself to have a positive outlook

About Samantha Opperman

Samantha Opperman has 11 years of experience in education. She has served as an English teacher at the secondary and post-secondary level for nine years, an instructional coach at a middle school for one year, and is currently the building principal at Bradshaw Mountain Middle School in Dewey, Arizona.

Opperman is originally from California and moved to Arizona in 2019. She is married to her husband, Daryl, and they have two sons, Luke (5) and Reed (2). Opperman is also in her first year of an educational doctorate program for Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University.

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