PQ Coaching: Change and Growth with Hillary Chapman Transformative Principal 578

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  • How the coaching call worked well for Hillary. 
  • Female, like-minded folks
  • Trying PQ reps has been new
  • Working on one saboteur - physically embody that saboteur.
  • Constantly on technology and value time away from technology
  • Listening to my team and giving them space. 
  • Teams focusing on helping her with her saboteur when she divulged what her saboteur is
  • How this is helping in her career changes. 
  • Loving the challenge of change. 
  • Fearful that I wasn’t very good at it, and you’re not until you get some experience and get your feet on the ground. 
  • How her leadership is supporting her in a career change.
  • Focus to where she wants to live. 
  • How job interviews will be impacted by what she’s learning. 
  • You need to take care of you first. 
  • It takes discipline. 
  • You are worthy. Set asi

About Hillary Chapman
Hillary Chapman dreamed of being an educator at age 4 when she would assign homework to her neighborhood friends from her parent’s Readers Digest and National Geographic.  Thanks to her Mom encouraging her to have more recess…Hillary has developed into an international educator and WA state librarian advocate.  As an educator for 28 years, a school librarian for 20 years, and an international educator of 12 years, Hillary has grown roots in SW Washington and found a home in Washougal as the District Librarian TOSA.  However, as the consummate student, Hillary attained her Principal’s Certification from EWU and aspires to grow her career into an Assistant Principal position in sunny California, returning to her husband Jim’s native roots.  But, the uphill climb to administrator has been bumpier than expected.  But, in Hillary’s eyes, it’s truly been a “Bloom where I’m planted” experience.

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