Executive Functions For Every Classroom with Mitch Weathers Transformative Principal 579

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Family Engagement - 
  • Daily practice employing executive functioning skills
  • If parents are informed they can help in a more powerful way
  • Bringing parents into the process matters
  • How do I hone this down into a daily task?
  • Alexis Reid Podcast on Resilient Schools
  • How to keep from fighting with your kids
  • Modeling and routines with kids.
  • Physical tactile colored Organized Binder.
  • Requires use of skills and practice.
  • Predictable learning routines help kids take risks.
  • If they get practice, they get opportunities to grow
  • Accountability - something that young people learn to do with practice.
  • Getting practice with them in a “no-stakes” way. 
  • Jethro’s family goal setting page.
  • Singular practice on goal setting - goal, sub goal, when and where, see what impacts it is creating
  • Then evaluate what you need to adjust to make it happen
  • Working on it over time
  • Actual implementation is much better than lessons
  • The actual implementation for schools and families - where to find everything, asking questions (prompts), 
  • Having Routines and modeling makes things very clear for the student. 
  • Advice for leaders about executive functioning skills - What would it look like to not teach them, but give them exposure to them through modeling rather than just teaching.

About Mitch Weathers
Mitch Weathers founded Organized Binder out of a need to support struggling students with effective tools. He realized the importance of content-agnostic resources that could benefit students of all abilities. His journey began by embedding essential skills practice into his classroom routine, leading to improved student success and confidence.

Today, Organized Binder is an evidence-based MTSS Tier 1 solution, creating structured, dependable learning environments. It offers content-agnostic tools for goal setting, reflective learning, time management, and more, aligning with UDL principles. Collaborating with diverse educational institutions, Organized Binder empowers students and supports educators in implementing best teaching practices under Mitch Weathers' leadership as the Founder and CEO.

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