Being the Lead Learner with Alicia Bowman Transformative Principal 580

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  • Small little seeds of ideas 
  • Administrator hacks - How they interact
  • Building pathways for administrator prep and their early days.
  • Content and process of what we provide.
  • Connector for administrators
  • Mentoring aspiring administrators
  • What administrators need are connections with others. 
  • Opportunity and process to come together.
  • Creating the time to step aside and having people think through a problem of practice
  • Lower the temperature - make them feel less stressed. 
  • “It mattered that we met because…”
  • Every time I’m in front of a group of leaders, I’m able to model something that they can learn too. 
  • Center for Leadership and Innovation - Planning summits, step aside, go deep. 
  • Rather than frequent check-ins do half day summits
  • Play-based learning
  • 2nd year around - how do you take on everything but not getting in over your head? 
  • Marking where we have had some impact in our state. 
  • How to prioritize what you should change. 
  • Pulse surveys. 
  • Is this valuable to our leaders on a broader scale?
  • Networking and building connections. 
  • How to be a transformative principal? Push your chair back and just listen. 

About Dr. Alicia Bowman
Dr. Alicia Bowman currently works for the Connecticut Association of Schools, as Associate Executive Director and Director of the Center for Leadership and Innovation. Prior to joining CAS, she spent twenty years serving the Farmington Public Schools at the school and district levels. Alicia was Connecticut’s Elementary Principal of the Year and National Distinguished Principal in 2015. She was featured in a chapter of Lee Teitel’s book School-Based Instructional Rounds, and in NAESP’s Principal Magazine for her work in using collaborative classroom observations and analysis to drive school and district improvement. Alicia is an active adjunct faculty member of UCAPP.

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Being the Lead Learner with Alicia Bowman Transformative Principal 580