The World Needs Men with Franklin Swann Transformative Principal 581

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In this show we talk about creating a personal operating system, the core four needed to make yourself an amazing human being. You’re going to love this interview. 

  • You can’t lead others to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.
  • Self-leadership in four core areas. 
  • Gap in what 
  • Leader who has a deep level of integrity 
  • Because of the depth of your own integrity
  • You can be better, but a great leader is someone who can find people who are better in their area of expertise. 
  • The thing that we are unwilling to do will cause resentment in those we lead. 
  • Nobody expects the leader to be better than everyone at everything
  • Leaders give people authority and trust to own that part of the organization
  • This all starts at home. 
  • Servant-hearted leadership is the most powerful leadership. 
  • Doing it at home with your family makes it easier to translate to the workplace. 
  • The more I hold onto stuff, the more I’m the bottleneck.
  • You have to let go in order to grow. 
  • Priority and sequence to everything. 
  • Get myself on point so I’m on the highest level of capacity to serve the people that matter the most. 
  • The family gets what is best first. 
  • If I’m on point with my wife and kids, and the family is thriving, that gives me a clarity to work in the workplace. 
  • Everything is connected. 
  • Relationships healthy
  • Struggling everywhere, systems and processes made things better. 
  • Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande
  • You need a system to help you be on point. 
  • Core Four - Body, Being, Balance, Business
    • Sweat and Green Smoothie
    • Prayer/meditation and journal
    • Note to wife and children and one act of service
    • Learn something new every day applicable to your career
  • More powerful to experience than to explain. 
  • So easy to run and hide when things are difficult. 
  • Weaponizing your body - making your body the weapon to do the work you need to do. 
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About Franklin Swann
Franklin Swann, an entrepreneur from Tyler, Texas, is the proud owner of Swann Furniture and Design. Beyond the realm of business, he is a loving husband to his beautiful wife, Brooke, and a devoted father to two remarkable children, EF and Camilla. Deeply rooted in his faith, Franklin is a committed follower of Christ, infusing his values into both his personal and professional life.

Franklin is the torchbearer of a remarkable legacy, serving as the fifth-generation owner of Swann's Furniture & Design, a rich 128-year history. His leadership reflects a relentless pursuit of personal growth and development, setting the tone for the continued success of the family business. But Franklin is more than his furniture empire, like all of us. He is a multifaceted individual dedicated to family, faith, and the enduring pursuit of excellence.

You can listen to his podcast at

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The World Needs Men with Franklin Swann Transformative Principal 581