The Power of Diversity and Curiosity in Education with David Bryan Transformative Principal 584

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Jethro sits down with David Bryan to talk about how to make school more worthwhile. 

  • The difference between public and private schools
  • More freedom in a private school to address issues in their schools.
  • How to manage high tuition.
  • All students paid tuition.
  • Why he started New Roads to connect people. 
  • The richness of a diverse population leads to amazing environments.
  • Schools that are worthwhile are flexible, nimble, and messy. 
  • What does the future of education look like? 
  • Schools have to invest in those areas where kids are interested.
  • Improving the conversation by being together.
  • Every human being has been learning from the time they were aware. 
  • “Getting Credit” for their learning.
  • Kids learning skateboarding tricks. 
  • Fan the flames that are there. 
  • Grade school teachers 
  • David Bolton - Educational Activist
  • Curiosity Invited Podcast
  • How to be a transformative principal? Pause before you say no. 

About David Bryan
Through a decades-long career in the trade, business, and education spaces, Dr. David Bryan has garnered the skills to be a curious and eager student of many fields. Having taught at middle school, high school, and university levels throughout the United States, Dr. Bryan gained the experience to spearhead his own venture, co-founding  New Roads School, a unique independent school in Southern California that devoted between 40 to 50 percent of its annual budget to need-based financial aid. That allowed New Roads to create a private school population that was ethnically, racially, and socioeconomically diverse.

Bryan served as a faculty member, Founding Head of School, and President from 1995 until his departure in 2013. Following this, he founded his own consulting business and lectured in economics at UC Santa Cruz.

In 2020, Dr. Bryan relocated to rural Wyoming, and for the first time in years found himself outside of the classroom. The podcasting space has been steadily growing, allowing people all over the world to connect. Leveraging the podcasting format and fortified by his “enduring belief that a person can learn a great deal about the world and other people by simply being curious about what folks do”, Dr. Bryan launched his largest “classroom” yet, the CURIOSITY INVITED podcast. 

Between the podcast, participating on several boards, and spending time with his wife, Shelly Graham, exploring the many splendors of Wyoming terrain, his calendar and inbox are both pretty full.

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