Questions to Get to Connection with Topaz Adizes Transformative Principal 590

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Topaz Adizes is an Emmy-award winning creator who helps build the space between two people through deep and meaningful conversations. We have one of those for you today. Jethro and Topaz share how to listen better, ask better questions, and have intention in the conversations we have. 
  • {The AND} and 12 Questions for Love
  • Illuminating the space between
  • What 12 questions would be the questions that spark a deep relationship
  • Trial and error - what questions work, and in what sequence?
  • WHy are these questions and others working or not working? 
  • {The AND} is a format
  • It’s about holding the space for people. 
  • There are as many stories of relationships as there are sands of the sea. 
  • It is what is.
  • The Skin Deep is an experience design studio. 
  • The media suggests that the speaker is important. 
  • Questions fall into some sort of societal programming
  • Ask questions that go deeper than the simple questions we usually ask
  • Intention and well-constructed questions
  • They’re asking themselves “How do we ensure that our students rank high?” 
  • Asking another question will lead to different behaviors and different questions? 
  • How do we make sure that each student feels that this school would not be the same if they were not here? 
  • What Learning Looks like
  • Coworkers - What values do we not share with our parents? 
  • Reframing
  • Learning is always individual
  • How do I apply that in new formats
  • The path to the heart is really listening. 
  • Listening with the body, being present to the space. 
  • If we’re not listening to the response, we’re not on the path to connection. 
  • What kind of conversation are we having? 
  • 4 meetings: checkin, brainstorm, social, decision-making.
  • Education is high stakes, what is this conversation about?
  • Common definitions of what we are talking about. 
  • We are all on a journey
  • Where do we learn to really communicate?

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Topaz Adizes is an Emmy Award-winning writer, director, and experience design architect. He is an Edmund Hillary fellow and Sundance/Skoll stories of change fellow. His works have been selected to Cannes, Sundance, IDFA, and SXSW; featured in New Yorker magazine, Vanity Fair, and the New York Times; and have garnered an Emmy for new approaches to documentary and Two World Press photo awards for immersive storytelling and interactive documentary. He is currently the founder and executive director of the experience design studio The Skin Deep. Topaz studied philosophy at UC Berkeley and Oxford University. He speaks four languages, and currently lives in Mexico with his wife and two children. For more about The Skin Deep, visit To learn more about Topaz Adizes and his work, visit

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Questions to Get to Connection with Topaz Adizes Transformative Principal 590