Using AI to break out of Boxes with Dr. Jayne Lammers Transformative Principal 592

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Jethro welcomes Dr. Jayne Lammers to Transformative Principal. Although we're talking about AI tools, we didn't spend a lot of time talking about the mundanity and what other sources are talking about: the how to, which tool does what thing. Really, we give guidance for school leaders about how to think beyond the boxes and the accountability systems that are currently set up to start to reimagine what learning can be  in schools and beyond, and the ways in which generative AI tools might play a role in that. 
  • Edmentum has been using AI tools on the back end for a while. 
  • Courses products - self-directed learning. 
  • Teaching kids how to use the tools as a personalized tutor for them. 
  • Badges and micro-credentialing
  • Youth engaged in “fandom” not looking for credit.
  • Butting up against the expectations and formalization of 
  • Disrupt the siloed nature of secondary schools
  • Very few learners get the opportunity to see connections between their content areas. 
  • The Sims 12000 players - writing the stories - Trying to set that up in classroom. 
  • “Slow and unwise” in school vs developing as a writer in her community. 
  • Don’t take what Eve does and give her grade for it. 
  • Making learning not about jumping through hoops. 
  • AI Tools can make more mundane tasks easier
  • Tutoring spaces - 
  • Need to differentiate. 
  • There’s not enough time in a class period to make the content connect to students’ particular interests. 
  • The need for a teacher is less important than it has been in the past. 
  • There is a need for teacher engagement in the relationship. 
  • The human connection can be transformative. 
  • Teacher moves into the role of facilitator, coach, and mentor, rather than an evaluator. 
  • How to be a transformative principal? Create a coalition of the willing - Do some experimentation - Champion
Dr. Jayne C. Lammers is the Director of Learning Design at Edmentum. She began her education career as a middle and high school literacy teacher and found a passion for supporting teachers in meeting the needs of striving readers. She earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction at Arizona State University and spent 15 years in higher education, preparing teachers for the challenges of today’s classrooms. Her research explored the intersection of students’ interests and technology’s affordances, aiming to make literacy instruction more meaningful and impactful. Now, at Edmentum, Dr. Lammers helps ensure that their products leverage research-based best practices and consider the realities of teachers’ work and students’ needs. 

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Using AI to break out of Boxes  with Dr. Jayne Lammers Transformative Principal 592