Stoicism in School Leadership with Danny Bauer & Glenn Robbins Transformative Principal 597

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In this episode, Jethro is joined by Danny Bauer and Glenn Robbins, author of the book Calm In The Chaos: Ancient Stoic Wisdom for Successful School Leadership. We talk about how to be stoic as a leader in schools and apply that wisdom to your daily. Plus, you won’t believe the sign we saw in a school!

  • How to get people on the same page when you’re not physically on an island. 
  • Community had come together before when they’ve been through something together. 
  • Starting from negative emotions doesn’t help you find success. 
  • When you come from a place of gratitude, it’s great. 
  • This is my roadmap for connecting with people. 
  • You’re still a human being, but you still have to rise up and be your best. 
  • Your pride sometimes takes away your willingness to share what you’re going through. 
  • We often don’t have models showing us how we do things different. 
  • Key piece is mentoring, models, and psychologically safe spaces where you can admit that you’re struggling. 
  • Expect people to be wrong, evil, tortuous, dishonest.
  • Vulnerability can be perceived in many different ways
  • Stoicism is constancy. 
  • Be the rock, that is immovable. 
  • A lot of the expectation is expecting the sea to not rage, but that is not realistic. 
  • Mastering what is in your control. 
  • How we help people see they can choose what they control.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Own your mistakes - Danny
  • Psychological safety

About Danny Bauer
Danny Bauer helps Ruckus Makers Do School Different™ which means shifting from old, traditional, and often broken ways of educating to new, different, and innovative ways of educating.
He’s written multiple bestselling books and hosts the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast which is the most downloaded show in school leadership and ranks in the TOP 0.5% of all shows worldwide.

About Glenn Robbins
Glenn Robbins is the proud Superintendent of the Brigantine Public School District in Brigantine, New Jersey. His passion is harnessing a district culture that thrives on positive psychology, design thinking, futurism, innovative digital spaces, technology integration, esports, cybersecurity, Social Emotional Learning Zen Dens, and Maker cultures. In addition, Glenn encourages all students to have a voice, not only in building a school culture, but also in designing student led entrepreneur opportunities.

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Stoicism in School Leadership with Danny Bauer & Glenn Robbins Transformative Principal 597