No Fuss Fundraising for Catholic Schools with John Mihalyo Transformative Principal 599

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  • The difference between a catholic school and a public school. 
  • System of Schools rather than a school system. 
  • Creating a culture of giving in the school community.
  • What’s the cost to educate?
  • How to be clear on what you’re doing as the advancement progresses.
  • Friendraising vs. Fundraising 
  • The foundations we have come from elementary schools
  • It takes time to grow the office, have a clear purpose for the goals of the offices. 
  • Catholic Schools compete against themselves in fundraising. 
  • Get everyone on the same page. 
  • Moved their role from fundraising entities to friendraising entities. 
  • Have the vision
  • Help people put their guards down and put the vision of the school first. 
  • It’s very personal to them. 
  • Bring them into the fold and have them help the advancement office. 
  • No Fuss Fundraising 
  • Tie it to a vision and people get the value. 
  • Don’t put your fundraising into salaries. 
  • 90% of problems - consistency, communication, curb appeal.
  • Connecting Catholic School Leaders
  • Needing to refresh and grow together. 

About John Mihalyo
John Mihalyo has served as a Catholic school principal for the past 15 years. In that time, he worked for preschools, K-8 schools, and a high school. He has worked for six pastors, two bishops, five superintendents, two dioceses in multiple states, and thousands of parents and constituents. He has found new and creative ways to partner with parents to keep Christ’s light alive in our parochial schools. After 15 years in Catholic schools and 25 years in education, he created Elementary Advancement Solutions LLC as a way to help other school leaders win in advancement, leadership, and recruitment! 

As principal, he has overseen the creation of two Advancement Offices. His schools have raised over $1.8 million in funding through annual funds, special events, grants, and other programs by using the methods being offered to you through Elementary Advancement Solutions LLC. He also led a $6 million renovation to his first school as a high school principal. In addition to his successful track record in fundraising, his schools have seen an average increase in enrollment of 21% from his start date to the end of his tenure. 

John has worked with and been trained by numerous organizations over his 15 years. He has seen what works and what doesn’t and has developed a strategy specific to teach elementary schools to win at advancement, recruitment, and leadership not just today, but for the future! He is eager to bring this strategy to individual schools to work directly with them to help them meet their advancement needs. He believes in taking a personal approach to help each school he works with find its success based on its specific needs.

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No Fuss Fundraising for Catholic Schools with John Mihalyo Transformative Principal 599