Leadership Development with Peter Rios Transformative Principal 602

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This comprehensive discussion explores the intricate distinctions between leadership, leadership development, and leader development, emphasizing their intertwined nature and the importance of understanding the context in which they exist. The conversation delves into the dynamic roles of leaders and followers, underscoring the value of meeting individuals where they are in their professional journey, with respect to their unique backgrounds and experiences. Emphasizing continuous, incremental growth, it highlights the significance of self-awareness, reflection, and the necessity of adapting leadership strategies to suit diverse environments, from educational settings to global contexts. The dialogue further addresses the challenges of maintaining authenticity while navigating the expectations of different organizational cultures, and the potential obstacles faced by individuals from underrepresented groups in leadership positions. Central to the discussion is the potent role of self-reflection, facilitated by practices such as journaling, in personal and professional development, providing insights into identifying growth opportunities, leveraging personal strengths, and making impactful decisions in leadership roles.

  • Leadership Development, leaders, followers
  • Meeting people where they are at. 
  • See where the gaps are.
  • Leverage the people around you. 
  • Who you are five years ago is not who you are today.
  • VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity.
  • Knowing who you are. 
  • What level of assimilation are you comfortable with? 
  • The role is correct but the context isn’t. 
  • How to reflect: 1. Spouse 2. Journaling
  • How to Take Smart Notes
  • The Book: Maximize
  • How to be a transformative principal? Start journaling

About Dr. Peter Rios
Dr. Peter Rios is the Founder of Peter Rios Consulting and the author of Untold Stories: The Latinx Leadership Experience in Higher Education and Maximize!: 12 Keys to Unlocking Your Greatest Potential. He has served diverse organizations including businesses, religious institutions/churches, government, higher education and non-profits in the areas of organizational diversity, equity and inclusion; leadership development and innovation. 

His extensive experience and doctoral education in strategic leadership and intercultural studies has made him a sought-out keynote and conference speaker. Rios has been invited to speak and train leaders, nationally and internationally. In the United States Marines Corps he gained global leadership experience while stationed in Okinawa Japan and South Korea, and most recently has lived in Barbados and St. Maarten.

Peter currently serves as a lecturer of leadership studies at Penn State and has been an adjunct professor at Colorado State University-Global Campus and Indiana Wesleyan University, teaching undergraduate and graduate students in organizational leadership, religious and cultural studies, and business management. Rios has also been a vice president at two universities. Prior to academia, Peter was involved in pastoral ministry for over ten years and has over twenty years of leadership development experience. 

Rios holds a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Graduate Schools, a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (DSL) from Regent University School of Business and Leadership, completed doctoral work at the University of Southern California-Rossier School of Education, and an MA from Northeastern Seminary. He is married to Dr. Ruby Gonzalez-Rios, a cancer and infectious disease researcher.

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Leadership Development with Peter Rios Transformative Principal 602